Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Mistress Nicole and mistress Selena had an agreement that they would keep their bisexuality among themselves. They had the same agreement with this girl Christina but she went on telling people how much fun they had. The angry mistresses had boyfriends and did not want to lose them so they spat on her and humiliated her before they chased her away from their group and vehemently denied her claims.

Goddess Yasemin felt bad that this guy was not sensitive to her plight. So she cut her losses and she dominated him for her own fun. She did it as a way to entertain herself despite what she was going through. So she used her saliva to do it and he had to lick the soles of her sneakers as well as the saliva that was on it. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Lana and mistress Joanne ganged up on this loser and they tortured him on a great deal. The two mistresses stripped him naked before they used their whips on him. He was also facesat on before the mistresses spat on his face and asked him to lick the saliva. He was not in control of anything and he had to obey all the orders he was given by the mistresses.

Princess Bertie and her friend wanted to express disappointment at this guy. They had paid him for some work but he did not meet their expectations. They had to get value for their money and that is why they chose to dominate him. He was forced to lick their spit and smear the saliva all over his face before they made him redo the work and at no extra cost.

This loser was nosy and this mistress did not like what she had seen from him. She felt that she needed to do something she had never done before and that was why she chose spit fetish. She spat on the face of the loser and she asked the loser to lick her saliva. It was important since it was not painful but it was humiliating as well as degrading.

Goddess Lena took her slave to her secret cave where she punishes guys whenever they have done something outrageous. She was accompanied by her friend mistress Luciana. The two of them rained hard slaps on the tied slave and they also spat on him. He cried but no one could hear him from the cave. All the noise that was there was an echo that could only be heard inside the cave.

Lady Dalin and her friend lady Ronja found out that these guys had been stealing from them. They had employed them to take care of their house but they were stealing from them on top of what they did for them. The mistresses had to make them return what they had stolen and make sure they would not do it again. They were, therefore, forced to drink their saliva and degraded cruelly until they did.

Mistress Jane has a thing for spit. She knows how disgusting it is and that is why she loves to use it to humiliate guys for her own fun. She took her high heel and she spat on the dirty sole. She then forced this loser to lick both the sole and the saliva. He had no choice but to do it. It was degrading and the mistress had fun watching him do it.

Goddess Nika knew her slave likes to take her things without asking. So she plotted to teach him a lesson. She did this by making him drink her cocktail which she spat on. She made sure he saw her spit on it and then she ordered him to drink it. She told him never to take or use her things without permission or else the punishment would be worse than what she had done to him.

Madame Marissa today asked her slave to choose what he would be punished with. He was tired of being tortured and pain inflicted on him all the time. So she decided to be humiliated using another method. So he told her spit and she agreed. She spat on the soles of her boots and she had him lick the dirty spat on soles till they were clean. At least he was happy it was not painful despite it being humiliating.

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