Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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This mistress used her spit fetish to degrade as well as torture this guy. The kinky mistress wanted her friend to learn how to do it and that is why she did something and asked her friend to try it after her and in so doing, her friend was able to try and successfully so, all the things she had been shown and became an expert in a short time.

Madame Marissa did not want to give her slave butter. Instead, she used saliva on her bread and she gave it to him to eat. She had made him watch what she did so he was aware of everything. And it was a pleasure seeing how degraded he was by what she did to him. The mistress knew it was an effective way to dominate and especially to degrade whoever she wanted to degrade.

Madame Marissa had never tried spit fetish before and she was eager to try it today. She did it by turning her slave into a spit slave. She enjoyed dominating him and forcing him to lick and swallow it. She used a funnel to spit on him because she did not want to look at the inside of his mouth directly. The funnel enabled her to avoid looking at his mouth and to spit into it.

Madame Marissa was not pleased with the fact that her slave was dirty. She had to teach him a lesson. So she degraded him. She had him eat food which she had spat on. She also spat directly into his mouth before she let him go. She degraded him and she made him learn his lesson the hard way. She knew after that that he would never be dirty again.

Madame Marissa was in the kitchen inspecting the kind of work that her slave had done. She did not like how he had cleaned the kitchen and being where her food is prepared, she wanted better from him. To make sure he would do the right thing, she gave him an incentive. She spat on her boots and she made him lick the boots clean. He did it as he had no option.

Madame Marissa and her friend madame Madison were in a bad mood and they punished their slave for something he had done the previous day. He thought they had forgotten about it until they called him to the kitchen where they had spat into a glass and they made him drink the spit. He was shocked but he had no option but to do as the mistresses wanted so as to avoid a worse punishment.

Madame Marisa had to punish her slave for what he had done. She was pissed about it and to make sure it never happened again, she sought to degrade him as opposed to humiliating him. She knew that if she degraded him well, it was worse than any physical pain she could inflict on him. She used her spit to do it and she made him lick and swallow her spit.

Madame Marisa is at her worst (for the slave) and at best (for herself) whenever she is bored. When she is bored, she gets creative and that is how she decided to trample and humiliate her slave using her spit. She called her friend and together they did it. They took some pastry and they poured their spit using a syringe and then made the slave lick the spit covered pastry.

Madame Marissa had used many ways to punish and humiliate slaves but she had never tried spit fetish. She wanted to try it so she got herself a slave and she used a silly excuse to humiliate and punish him. She made him lick her feet and then she got down to what she wanted to do to him. She used a funnel to spit into his mouth and enjoyed watching him swallow her spit.

Madame Marissa wanted to show disgust at what her slave had done. So she sat down and thought about the best way to do it. After much thought, she decided to go with spit fetish. She made her slave open his mouth as she sat on him and she slowly spat into his mouth and told him to act like it was ice cream in his mouth and swallow it.

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