Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Mistress Ava knew that it was time to make this guy accountable for what he had done. He had misused a lot of items and she felt that it was a behavior she would not condone. She had to make sure he was punished and that is why she spat on him. He cruelly learned his lesson and begged her that he would not misuse anything again but she did not care as he had to pay for what he had already done.

Mistress Nicole, mistress Pamela and mistress Aurora realized that this girl who was about to join their group was loudmouthed and they did not want. They had to make sure she stopped that habit before they let her join them. So the mistresses cruelly spat on her and filled her face with saliva. In addition, they also made her smear it all over his face and lick it as well.

Goddess Valerie was bored in the house and she wanted to do something to keep herself occupied. The mistress had a great time trying new things and today she chose to try spit fetish. She did not need a slave for it. All she needed was to keep herself occupied so she tried to do it in front of a mirror and she had fun and managed to kill time.

Lady Stefanie is not your regular kind of girl. She loves to try anything and everything. As long as it promises to be fun, she will do it and do it well. Today the mistress chose to try something else. She wanted to try spit fetish, which she had been seeing but had not yet tried. Lady Stefanie tried it by herself and when she got the hang of it, she tried it with her slave.

Lady Shay was not going to forgive her slave for messing up. She had forgiven him enough times and she felt like he was taking advantage of her. She chose to give him a taste of what he will be getting if he continued messing up. She spat on a glass table and she smeared it with her feet. She then asked him to lick her feet as well as the table.

This mistress had forgiven this loser enough times and it was now time for him to get punished. She chose to use her spit fetish to do it. She spat on the soles of her sneakers and she had him lick them. He was lucky since her sneakers were not very dirty and she chose not to make them dirty as it was the first time she was punishing him.

Lady Betty and her friend wanted to punish this guy for being vulgar. He had to learn to control his mouth and the mistresses made sure he did. He was spat on and forced to lick the spit. He was also made to smear his face with the saliva and he was degraded but there was nothing he could do about it. He could not even talk shit at them.

Mistress Anna has high standards and she requires her slaves to meet them. This loser did not do it today and she was not happy about it. She had to do something about it and she used her spit fetish to do it. She had him lick her feet as well as her high heels before she spat on his face. She smeared the spit all over his face after she had made him swallow some of it.

Mistresses Chanel and Chloe had a problem with this guy and they wanted to iron things out between them and him. They decided to do it the hard way. They punished him and tortured him as cruelly as they could without using pain. They made him drink their saliva and he had no choice but to do what the mistresses wanted. He never messed with them again as he knew what his punishment would be.

Lady Betty went to her slave's bedroom. She found him asleep when he was supposed to be making break fast for him. She did not like the fact that she woke up earlier than her slave. So she spat on his face and blew smoke into his face so as to make him learn his lesson and never do what he had done again. He learned his lesson the hard way.

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