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Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Mistress AnaGee gave her man a hot blowjob but she did not let him cum. Instead, she waited until he was feeling great and did not want her to stop and she asked him to lick her spit and to swallow some of it. He wanted her to continue so he had to lick her saliva and do what the mistress had asked her to do. She then went on to give him a great blowjob.

Mistress Gabriela felt that she needed to torture and humiliate this loser so she did not hesitate to do it. She facesat on this guy and ensured that he choked a little bit before she humiliated him further with her spit. He cried and wished he had never pissed her off but she did not care about what he felt. All she was interested in was what he did going forward.

Mistress Evike and her friend mistress Roberta were not amused by this adamant slave and they had to make him realize that it was going to cost him a lot if he continued to be adamant. So they spat on him and trampled him to humiliate him and to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. He learned the hard way that being adamant was not always good.

This mistress is all about results the methods notwithstanding. Today she needed to see results and she used her saliva to do it. The mistress made sure that this guy was humiliated and degraded like never before. He was made to lick her saliva and when he was done with that, he had to swallow it all. And she sat there and made sure he did all she asked and that is how she got results from the guy as he changed.

This mistress could not understand why her own friend could go gossiping about her. She hated gossip and she did not want anything to do with it and when she realized that her own friend was into that, she had to punish him and she did so using her saliva. Her friend apologized after the mistress found out but she did not care about her apologies. She made sure her friend was humiliated so as never to do it again.

This guy catcalled the wrong girl and he regretted it. He did not think twice when he did it as he always got away with it and once in a while it led to him fucking the girl he catcalled. That is why he was shocked at how lady Amy punished him for what he had done. She had tricked him into following her and when they got to her house, she spat on him to express her disgust at what he had done.

Mistress Dana knew this guy had a thing for her and he wanted to nail her. He was always trying to seduce her and asking her out on a date. But she has never agreed to any of it. However, today she felt like trying spit fetish and she invited him to her house where she teased him using her sexy ass and her big tits. He was super turned on and agreed to do what she asked him which was to lick her saliva.

Goddess Chanel was coming from the gym and she was sweaty. The mistress chose to spit on the sweaty and stinky sneakers before she ordered the loser to lick them. He had no choice but to do it as she promised him some cruel things if he did not lick her sneakers. The mistress laughed at him as she knew her threats had worked and he did as she ordered.

Mistress Anfisa is a hot mistress and she loves it when she gets guys to do crazy things for her. There is nothing she loves better than giving herself a challenge and then nailing it. She wanted to see whether she could use her sexiness and her naughtiness to make a guy swallow her saliva. So she teased this guy and turned him on before having to swallow her saliva but did not have sex with him.

Lady Emerald did not want this guy to take her for granted so she used everything at her disposal to teach him a lesson. He had her money and did not want to pay. He was dragging his feet when it came to paying her and she concluded that he did not want to pay. So she turned him into a spit slave in an effort to make him pay.

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