Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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When this mistress noticed that this guy was into her, she knew it was time to look for a way to disgust him and turn him off. So she started playing with her spit and showing it to him as she licked a lollipop. Then she asked the guy to lick her saliva and the guy was disgusted and he was turned off just the way the mistress had wanted.

Mistress Anastasia loves to do crazy things and that is why she chose to try spit fetish. And she tried it on this guy who was unreliable. She felt that he had to be punished since he had never been reliable despite the trust and support she gave him. It was now time for the mistress to teach him that there were consequences for everything including his lack of reliability.

Lady Domi and lady Kimi had been deceived by this seller to buy something that was not good for them. And when they realized it, they went back to him but he denied knowing what they were talking about and tried to sell them something else. The angry mistresses chose to spit on him and dominate him so as to teach him a lesson. They did not want him to lie to other people.

This guy catcalled the wrong girl and he regretted it. He did not think twice when he did it as he always got away with it and once in a while it led to him fucking the girl he catcalled. That is why he was shocked at how lady Amy punished him for what he had done. She had tricked him into following her and when they got to her house, she spat on him to express her disgust at what he had done.

This guy was hitting on lady Gold but she could immediately tell that he was not her type and she did not want to waste his time and she did not want him to waste any of her time. So she did him a favor by using her spit to scare him. She came across as a crazy girl as she asked him to lick her saliva and that is how she got him to stop hitting on her.

Goddess Valerie was bored in the house and she wanted to do something to keep herself occupied. The mistress had a great time trying new things and today she chose to try spit fetish. She did not need a slave for it. All she needed was to keep herself occupied so she tried to do it in front of a mirror and she had fun and managed to kill time.

This mistress could tell this guy had a crush on her. She did not feel the same way towards him but she felt like taking advantage of his crush on her. She asked him to go to her house and he went. She told him how she loved spit and how she was turned on by a guy licking her spit. She made him lick it from the soles of her heels and when he did, she could not help but roll on the floor laughing.

Mistress Alessia is fitness freak. She was working out today and she sent her slave for a drink. But he did not bring what she had asked him. She was pissed about it. She had not checked it out before she had put it in her mouth. The taste was not the one she was used to so she spat it out. She got pissed at that point and she forced the slave to open his mouth. She would drink some and spit it out into his mouth and force him to swallow.

This mistress loves to humiliate losers. She was surprised that her slave played with toys. So she took his toys and she spat on them. She then called her slave and she had him lick the spat on toys. The slave was surprised but he had no choice as to what he could and could not do. So he did all she wanted while she laughed at him and humiliated him.

Mistress Anna's slave was slow and she wanted someone fast. She decided to try to make him fast instead of getting a new one. So she showed him the cost of being slow so that it would motivate him to be faster. She tied him and forced him to open his mouth. She then spat into it and she had him swallow all of her spit. She told him she would degrade him daily till he changed. He did.

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