Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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These mistresses are hot and they do not even try to be. These guys were horny and wanted to fuck the mistresses but the mistresses had other ideas and wanted to teach the guys never to mess with them. The mistresses teased them and had them even hornier than they already were. They then had fun denying them and leaving them high and dry but after they had made them lick their spit.

This guy was not good at keeping his word and that pissed off mistress Lilliana and mistress Nikki. They were not going to let the guy think that it was ok to do what he had done and that is why they opted to humiliate him. He was forced to kneel down as they spat on him and filled his face with their saliva. He never repeated his mistake again.

Mistress Domi and mistress Kimi caught the guy who had snitched on them and he had to face the music. He had snitched on them and caused them to go through hell and now it was his time to go through what they did. But theirs was different as the hell was to come from them. So the mistresses degraded him and made him a spit slave. He had to lick and swallow their spit and also smear it on his face.

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