Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Mistresses Chanel and Chloe had a problem with this guy and they wanted to iron things out between them and him. They decided to do it the hard way. They punished him and tortured him as cruelly as they could without using pain. They made him drink their saliva and he had no choice but to do what the mistresses wanted. He never messed with them again as he knew what his punishment would be.

This mistress was enjoying herself outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys her peace and quiet. But her peace and quiet was short lived as this guy came to disturb her. He thought she was lonely and wanted some company. She tried to politely tell him off but he did not leave her alone. She got angry and she spat on him and forced him to swallow it as punishment. That is when he realized she was serious and he left.

This mistress could not believe that her slave was the one who was selling her secrets. When she found out, she was so pissed and her slave knew the day he dreaded had finally arrived. She tortured him by trampling him cruelly. She did not care how loud or bitterly he cried. She did not care how much he begged for mercy. She had to teach him a lesson and she did so.

This mistress has a fetish for saliva. She likes to do all sorts of things with it. The only thing she does not have is a slave. So she uses a doll instead of a slave to do her spitting business. She spits on its face and all over its body and she assumes that it is a slave. Unfortunately for her, she has to clean it again because she has no slave.

This mistress knew how heavy of a sleeper her boyfriend was. He had nastily pranked her and she was buying time to revenge. She waited till he fell asleep today and she spat on his lips. She spat in small quantities and he licked the spit when it landed on his lips. She took a video of it all and when he woke up in the morning, she showed it to him.

Mistress Hailey is a hot and naughty girl. She knows she is hot and she is always trying to use it to have fun. Today she wanted to try spit fetish so she used her hot looks and her flirting skills to lure this guy and to make him lick and swallow her spit. She felt great when she saw him do what she wanted him to do and she knew she still had it.

This mistress is a gorgeous one but also a very cruel one. She did not like this guy's work ethic so she had to punish him to make him learn a better one. She ran a gym and she did not want guys who would demotivate others. So she forced him to be hardworking by spitting into his mouth and forcing him to eat and lick her spit and swallow it.

This mistress produces a lot of saliva. And she does not like it going to waste. That is why she likes to use it to feed her slave. She makes him drink her saliva and swallow it. She does not care how many times he drinks it in a day. As long as she wants it drank, he will drink it and that is not open something that is open for debate.

Mistress Candice does not like to use pain to punish or humiliate a slave. She prefers to degrade instead. She finds it a better way to punish a slave than spending time inflicting pain on them. Today she used her spit to achieve the same. She forced her slave to drink her pee and swallow it. She had spat into his open mouth and he had no choice but to swallow it.

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