Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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This mistress is addicted to sex. And she loves good sex not just any sex. She fucked this guy today but he was the lousiest lay she had ever had. She punished him for it and she made sure he was ashamed and degraded for being poor in bed. She used her spit to do it. She forced him to open his mouth and she spat into it and ordered him to swallow it.

This mistress knew they had no drink in the house so she asked her slave whether he wanted a drink. He said yes and she pretended to look for one and did not find it. She went back and told him she had not found any and suggested she had an alternative. She sat on him and told him to open his mouth and she spat into it and asked him to drink that instead.

Mistress Aline had nausea and it was brought about by what her slave had cooked for her. The food was bad and was giving her food poisoning. She did not want to suffer alone so she called her slave and made him drink the spit she spat into a glass. The slave was humiliated but he did not have a choice. She saw to it that he drank it all.

Lady Karame and her husband like to prank each other. Each one of them is always on guard and whenever the other one is not careful, he or she gets pranked real good. Today she mixed his drink with her spit and then gave it to him. He did not know about it and once he had finished it, she showed him the video of what he had done to his drink.

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