Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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This guy was hitting on lady Gold but she could immediately tell that he was not her type and she did not want to waste his time and she did not want him to waste any of her time. So she did him a favor by using her spit to scare him. She came across as a crazy girl as she asked him to lick her saliva and that is how she got him to stop hitting on her.

This mistress was enjoying herself outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys her peace and quiet. But her peace and quiet was short lived as this guy came to disturb her. He thought she was lonely and wanted some company. She tried to politely tell him off but he did not leave her alone. She got angry and she spat on him and forced him to swallow it as punishment. That is when he realized she was serious and he left.

Mistress Avery knew this guy was disgusted at the sight of someone else's spit. She wanted to use her spit to humiliate him as she was pissed at what he had done. So she called him to her house and she made him lick her smelly and sweaty socks before she made him open his mouth and she spat into it. She made him swallow all of it and enjoyed how he was degraded.

Madame Marissa wanted to show disgust at what her slave had done. So she sat down and thought about the best way to do it. After much thought, she decided to go with spit fetish. She made her slave open his mouth as she sat on him and she slowly spat into his mouth and told him to act like it was ice cream in his mouth and swallow it.

This mistress produces a lot of saliva. And she does not like it going to waste. That is why she likes to use it to feed her slave. She makes him drink her saliva and swallow it. She does not care how many times he drinks it in a day. As long as she wants it drank, he will drink it and that is not open something that is open for debate.

Lady Krasaviza was tired but she needed to punish her slave. She likes to punish a slave immediately a mistake has been committed so that he knows what he is being punished for. She could not let him go scotfree so she used her saliva to punish him. She knew it would not take a lot of time and effort to do it so she forced him to swallow her saliva as punishment.

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