Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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When this guy messed with these mistresses, he did not know what he had gotten himself into. He was in a big mess and he found out when they had a spit humiliation party for him where he was degraded and made to lick their saliva as well their dirty feet. He was slapped too before the mistresses let him go as they felt he had endured enough and would change.

Goddess Nika was not happy when she learned that her slave drank her wine. She had to make sure he never did it again. So the mistress put saliva in her wine and she gave it to him without him knowing about it. He took it. Then she gave him another one she had spat on and he saw what he did. He refused and she told him what she had done to the other one and forced him to drink even this one. She told him she would do worse if he did not stop.

Madame Marissa and madame Madison spat on their shoes because they wanted them to shine. But they knew they were not the ones to make them shine. They made their slave lick the spit on the shoes till the shoes shone. It was only after he had licked spit off the shoes that they allowed him to use a shoe brush to shine the shoes like a pro. The shoes shone like they wanted.

It is bad enough being spat on by one mistress, but this slave had messed up and was being spat on by not one, not two but three mistresses. Mistress Virginia, madame Madison and madame Marissa joined forces to teach this slave a lesson. They made him lick their saliva and also swallow it. They threatened him with worse punishments if he did not do what they told him so he did.

Ladies Betty and Bertie do not like being lied to and this guy made that mistake. When they found out they had been lied to, they went after the guy and punished him for it. To make the punishment worse, the mistresses punished him in his own house. They spat on him to show their disgust and before they left, they made him lick and swallow the spit on his face.

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