Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Mistress Alessia hates disappointment. When she gets disappointed, she gets mad and when she gets mad, she does some nasty things to whoever pissed her. This guy did today and he lived to regret it. She forced him to lick as well as swallow her saliva. She had him open his mouth and she spat into it. She degraded him to teach him a lesson as she did not want him doing what he had done again.

Princess Deh caught her slave doing things she did not approve of. She had to punish him. As she was about to do it, her friend came and asked her what she was doing. She fed her friend the details and she also wanted to join in humiliating and punishing the slave. The two mistresses humiliated him by spitting on their flip flops and making him lick them. They also did the same with their sneakers before trampling him.

When this mistress learned that it was this loser who had snitched on her, she had to give him a piece of her mind. She did this by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. The soles were not only dirty, but she had made sure that she had spat on them and then she had him lick the mixture of her saliva and the dirt on her soles.

Lady Karame was not impressed with this loser. He had lied to her that he was able to carry out an assignment for her. She went later on to check the progress and she found out that he had not done what he was supposed to do. He was trying to learn how to do it. She was angry at him and she punished him by spitting on him and making him lick the spit.

This mistress was enjoying herself outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys her peace and quiet. But her peace and quiet was short lived as this guy came to disturb her. He thought she was lonely and wanted some company. She tried to politely tell him off but he did not leave her alone. She got angry and she spat on him and forced him to swallow it as punishment. That is when he realized she was serious and he left.

This mistress loves to humiliate losers. She was surprised that her slave played with toys. So she took his toys and she spat on them. She then called her slave and she had him lick the spat on toys. The slave was surprised but he had no choice as to what he could and could not do. So he did all she wanted while she laughed at him and humiliated him.

Madame Svea caught this slave doing what she had warned her against. She was pissed and to teach him a lesson, she made him lick her spit. She forced him to swallow all of it. He had no choice and had to endure the degradation and the humiliation of being made to lick someone else's saliva. He learned his lesson and he never wronged her again as he feared what she would do.

Goddess Nika knew her slave likes to take her things without asking. So she plotted to teach him a lesson. She did this by making him drink her cocktail which she spat on. She made sure he saw her spit on it and then she ordered him to drink it. She told him never to take or use her things without permission or else the punishment would be worse than what she had done to him.

This mistress wanted to dominate and degrade her slave. She thought about it and she settled on using saliva to do it. She had never used it before to punish him so he did not expect it. She spat into a dog bowl and she made him lick her saliva as if he was a dog. He had no choice but to do it despite it being degrading and humiliating.

Mistress Avery smiled when this guy tried to seduce her. He did not know who she was. She pretended to be into him and they went to her house which was nearby. Instead of the fun he expected to have with her, she humiliated him and she forced him to lick her feet and also swallow her saliva. He had to open his mouth and she spat into it. It was cruel and degrading.

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