Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Besides spitting, this mistress wanted the slave to feel pain. She had humiliated and degraded him by spitting on his face and making sure his face was full of her saliva. But she also wanted him to feel pain and she achieved this by turning her slave into a human ashtray. She even extinguished her cigarette on his body and enjoyed how he cried in pain and begged for her to stop.

This mistress wanted to punish her niece. She knew she could not lay a hand on her so she had to look for a different way to punish her. She found it on her favorite toy. She knew her niece loved her doll so she took the doll and spat on it as her niece watched and begged her unsuccessfully not to do it. She told her if she did not become a good girl, she would do that to all her toys.

Madame Marissa today asked her slave to choose what he would be punished with. He was tired of being tortured and pain inflicted on him all the time. So she decided to be humiliated using another method. So he told her spit and she agreed. She spat on the soles of her boots and she had him lick the dirty spat on soles till they were clean. At least he was happy it was not painful despite it being humiliating.

This mistress was drunk and she found herself playing with her spit. She had a CCTV camera in her house and when she was sober the next day and checked it out, she was horrified at what she saw. She could not believe how she was playing with her saliva. She was ashamed of herself and erased that footage so that no one else ever saw the things she did when drunk.

This mistress wanted her slave to wank. She wanted him to do it for her own amusement not his. And she did not want him to use anything else other than her saliva. So she spat and gave him to lick and swallow her spit before he used her spit as lube to jerk off. To make it more interesting, she told him to jerk off to her instructions and the poor guy did.

Lady Krasaviza is a cruel mistress. She was tired of all the things she did to her slaves and she wanted to try something new. She decided to try spit fetish so he waited till her slave had messed up then used it. She dragged him to where she was using a leash and she ordered him to open his mouth and she spat into it and had him swallow it. The expression on his face made her effort worth it.

Mistress Candice does not like to use pain to punish or humiliate a slave. She prefers to degrade instead. She finds it a better way to punish a slave than spending time inflicting pain on them. Today she used her spit to achieve the same. She forced her slave to drink her pee and swallow it. She had spat into his open mouth and he had no choice but to swallow it.

Mistress Venus likes to punish guys. She is so good at it that other mistresses pay her to do it. Today she was paid handsomely to punish this guy and she did it cruelly. She tied him up and she humiliated and degraded him using her saliva. She spat on his face and ordered him to open his mouth which she spat into. She then forced him to swallow her spit.

This mistress was in a bad mood and when she asked her slave to bring her shoes, he brought the wrong ones. She sent him to get the right ones and by the time he came back, he found she had spat on the soles of the heels he had taken to her the first time. She then forced him to lick the dirty soles and the saliva that was on it.

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