Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

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Madame Marissa and madame Madison spat on their shoes because they wanted them to shine. But they knew they were not the ones to make them shine. They made their slave lick the spit on the shoes till the shoes shone. It was only after he had licked spit off the shoes that they allowed him to use a shoe brush to shine the shoes like a pro. The shoes shone like they wanted.

This mistress was drunk and she found herself playing with her spit. She had a CCTV camera in her house and when she was sober the next day and checked it out, she was horrified at what she saw. She could not believe how she was playing with her saliva. She was ashamed of herself and erased that footage so that no one else ever saw the things she did when drunk.

Lady Krasaviza was tired but she needed to punish her slave. She likes to punish a slave immediately a mistake has been committed so that he knows what he is being punished for. She could not let him go scotfree so she used her saliva to punish him. She knew it would not take a lot of time and effort to do it so she forced him to swallow her saliva as punishment.

This mistress wanted her slave to wank. She wanted him to do it for her own amusement not his. And she did not want him to use anything else other than her saliva. So she spat and gave him to lick and swallow her spit before he used her spit as lube to jerk off. To make it more interesting, she told him to jerk off to her instructions and the poor guy did.

This mistress is addicted to sex. And she loves good sex not just any sex. She fucked this guy today but he was the lousiest lay she had ever had. She punished him for it and she made sure he was ashamed and degraded for being poor in bed. She used her spit to do it. She forced him to open his mouth and she spat into it and ordered him to swallow it.

Mistress Venus likes to punish guys. She is so good at it that other mistresses pay her to do it. Today she was paid handsomely to punish this guy and she did it cruelly. She tied him up and she humiliated and degraded him using her saliva. She spat on his face and ordered him to open his mouth which she spat into. She then forced him to swallow her spit.

Lady Karame and her husband like to prank each other. Each one of them is always on guard and whenever the other one is not careful, he or she gets pranked real good. Today she mixed his drink with her spit and then gave it to him. He did not know about it and once he had finished it, she showed him the video of what he had done to his drink.

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