Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Mistress Anfisa is not your average girl. She is the kind of mistress who can do anything if she feels like it. And today she felt like dominating this loser. So she used her saliva to do it as she had never used saliva to dominate before. The mistress had a great time torturing this loser and it was an easy decision for her to make as he deserved it.

Lady Emerald did not want this guy to take her for granted so she used everything at her disposal to teach him a lesson. He had her money and did not want to pay. He was dragging his feet when it came to paying her and she concluded that he did not want to pay. So she turned him into a spit slave in an effort to make him pay.

Lady Stefanie is the kind of person who enjoys when other people are miserable. And she loves it even more when she has a hand in that misery. Today she was solely responsible for the misery this guy felt and she loved every bit of it. The mistress crushed him with her high heels and when she felt that was enough, she continued his torture using her saliva which he had to swallow.

Mistress Dana is the kind of person who likes to do crazy things. And that is what she did today. The mistress went ahead and she had a crazy time torturing this guy using her saliva. She teased him and when he was turned on, she got him to move close to her and open his mouth after which she spat into it. He could not do anything about it and had to settle for what she chose to do to him.

Mistress Bertie and mistress Mimi had a slave and they did not want him to keep secrets. They could tell that he had information that he was not sharing and they did not like that very much. So in an effort to make him open up and also not do what he had done going forward, the mistresses spat on him and got him to swallow their saliva. They also made him a human ashtray.

This mistress did not want to use any physical strength or energy to punish this loser. She felt that she needed to do it in a new way especially one he was not used to. So the mistress spat into a jar to collect it and when she felt it was enough, she made him drink it. He tried to hesitate but one look at him and he drank it.

Lady Betty knew her colleague had ill intentions towards her and she plotted to put an end to such bad behavior. She waited until she caught him red handed doing something wrong. She then used her spitting goddess fetish to punish him and it was humiliating. Lady Betty forced him to swallow her saliva and do other degrading things before she warned him against carrying out his ill intentions towards her.

When these mistress undressed these guys for punishment, they freaked out and knew that they would beat the shit out of them. But they told the guys they were not interested in inflicting physical pain to them unless they misbehaved or failed to follow directions and guidance. The mistresses spat on them and got them to lick their spit and anyone who did not obey was trampled using high heels.

Goddess Vanny likes to look for small excuses to punish and torture slaves. That is what she did today to this loser. She spat on the soles of her high heels which were already dirty and then she asked him to lick it. As he hesitated, she told him it was not optional and it was the easiest punishment she would give him. She added he should not blame her for what she would do if he refused to lick her soles.

Madame Marissa did not want to give her slave butter. Instead, she used saliva on her bread and she gave it to him to eat. She had made him watch what she did so he was aware of everything. And it was a pleasure seeing how degraded he was by what she did to him. The mistress knew it was an effective way to dominate and especially to degrade whoever she wanted to degrade.

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