Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Mistresses Liliana and Sonya were pissed to learn that this loser had not done what he was tasked to do. As punishment, he had to swallow their saliva. That did not seem like a good enough punishment for him so the mistresses got out their tooth brushes and they brushed their teeth into his mouth and he had no option but to swallow everything. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Martina wanted to show this guy that he was nothing to her. He thought highly of himself and she wanted to bring him down a notch. So she humiliated him using her spit. She spat on him and she degraded him greatly. She had him lick her feet which were dirty and smelly. All along the slave was naked and he was cold but she did not care. He had to be punished.

Goddess Nika was not happy when she learned that her slave drank her wine. She had to make sure he never did it again. So the mistress put saliva in her wine and she gave it to him without him knowing about it. He took it. Then she gave him another one she had spat on and he saw what he did. He refused and she told him what she had done to the other one and forced him to drink even this one. She told him she would do worse if he did not stop.

Mistresses like her who like spit fetish rarely look as crazy as they do when they are humiliating their slaves or losers. They look like sweet angels like this mistress look to those who do not know how mean she can be. But once she sheds the tag of a sweet lady, she can do nasty stuff to punish a slave and one of the things she likes to do is to make someone lick and swallow her spit.

Mistress Anna and Mia are not your average mistresses. They like spit and have a fetish for it. They like to try all kinds of things spit related and today they made this guy lick and swallow their spit. They used their spit to punish him for not telling the truth. They hate liars and he had proven to be one and they did not want to tolerate such kind of behavior.

This mistress did not want to humiliate her slave but she wanted to disgust him. So she spat on the soles of her shoes and she told him she wanted to make him lick the spit. She brought it close to his face and then she pulled it back and then spat on it some more. She did this severally and watched as the slave pleaded for her not to make him lick her spit.

This mistress knew how heavy of a sleeper her boyfriend was. He had nastily pranked her and she was buying time to revenge. She waited till he fell asleep today and she spat on his lips. She spat in small quantities and he licked the spit when it landed on his lips. She took a video of it all and when he woke up in the morning, she showed it to him.

This mistress and her roommate wanted to find out how obedient their slave was. They gave him crazy tasks and he did them all. They saved the best for last and he was stunned that they asked him to do it but because of the way they looked at him, he did it. They spat on a sole and told him to lick the spit and swallow it. He did.

Madame Marisa is at her worst (for the slave) and at best (for herself) whenever she is bored. When she is bored, she gets creative and that is how she decided to trample and humiliate her slave using her spit. She called her friend and together they did it. They took some pastry and they poured their spit using a syringe and then made the slave lick the spit covered pastry.

This mistress and her friend were watching funny videos online when they came across spit fetish. They were surprised someone could lick someone else's spit and they wanted to try it. They did not have a slave so they rented one. They had a great time making him lick the soles of their heels which they had spat on. He licked the spit which was mixed with some dirt from the sole.

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