Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

When this mistress learned that it was this loser who had snitched on her, she had to give him a piece of her mind. She did this by forcing him to lick the soles of her sneakers. The soles were not only dirty, but she had made sure that she had spat on them and then she had him lick the mixture of her saliva and the dirt on her soles.

This mistress was not amused by what her slave had done. She needed to punish her and she did it as cruelly as she could. She took her insoles and she cut them to pieces them she fed them to her. She then spat on the remaining insole and she made her slave lick it. The slave had never had such a cruel punishment and she learned her lesson the hard way.

Lady Karame was not impressed with this loser. He had lied to her that he was able to carry out an assignment for her. She went later on to check the progress and she found out that he had not done what he was supposed to do. He was trying to learn how to do it. She was angry at him and she punished him by spitting on him and making him lick the spit.

Goddess Lilith and her friend were not amused by their slave and to show their disgust at him, they chose to humiliate and degrade him using their saliva. They spat on him and they forced him to swallow their saliva. The poor guy had to do as he was told by the mistresses but even more importantly, he learned a lesson and he knew better than to piss them off next time.

Mistress BlackDiamoond and her friend lady Ann caught this guy being a jerk to his girlfriend and they could not let him get away with it. They went to the rescue of his girlfriend and they humiliated him to teach him a lesson. They tied him up and they took turns spitting on him. He was degraded and humiliated but he could do nothing about it as they went on degrading him.

Goddess Nika wanted to show this loser that she was not one to mess with. She did not feel like making him feel pain. She wanted to use a different way to achieve the same result. She was lenient towards him because it was a first offense so she wanted to put him on his toes. She took a glass and she spat into it and she had him lick the spit. That did the trick.

Mistress Alessia knows how to humiliate and degrade. She is good at it and she does it any chance she gets. Today she wanted to use her saliva to do it. So she took a glass and she spat into it. Once she had collected enough saliva, she forced this loser to lick it at first and then after he was done, she made him drink all of the saliva in it.

Mistress Amy did not care that this guy was elderly. She only cared that he had messed up. And since he had messed up, he had to be punished just like everyone else. She decided to teach him a lesson and she did it as cruelly as she could. She tied a leash to his neck and she spat on his face as she smoked and had him lick her spit.

This mistress was enjoying herself outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys her peace and quiet. But her peace and quiet was short lived as this guy came to disturb her. He thought she was lonely and wanted some company. She tried to politely tell him off but he did not leave her alone. She got angry and she spat on him and forced him to swallow it as punishment. That is when he realized she was serious and he left.

Lady Betty did not like how this girl tried to flirt with her boyfriend. She wanted to send him a message so she pretended she wanted to talk to her in private away from the other people. When they were alone, she forced her to swallow her spit and humiliated her cruelly. Lady Betty told her that if he did not stop, she would do something even worse to her.

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