Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Mistress Lilly had a bitter disagreement with her man. He told her things she did not like and she wondered how he could say things like that. She was so pissed at him that she did not talk to him for some time. He tried to beg her to talk to him but she ignored him. The mistress instead asked him to lick her saliva and he did it out of desperation.

Goddess Valerie was bored in the house and she wanted to do something to keep herself occupied. The mistress had a great time trying new things and today she chose to try spit fetish. She did not need a slave for it. All she needed was to keep herself occupied so she tried to do it in front of a mirror and she had fun and managed to kill time.

This old man thought that because of his advanced age, he could get away with whatever he did. He succeeded to do that but today his luck ran out as she was pissed at what he had done and the old man card did not work on her. Instead, she used her spit to dominate and humiliate him. She spat on him and he had to lick her spit. In addition, she warned him of grave consequences if he did it again.

Lady Stefanie is not your regular kind of girl. She loves to try anything and everything. As long as it promises to be fun, she will do it and do it well. Today the mistress chose to try something else. She wanted to try spit fetish, which she had been seeing but had not yet tried. Lady Stefanie tried it by herself and when she got the hang of it, she tried it with her slave.

This guy made the mistake of demanding water from these mistresses. The mistresses could not understand why he had done that since they owed him nothing. They did not even know him. But they tricked him and he went into their house to get his water to quench his thirst. He was shocked when the mistresses turned on him and made him quench his thirst using their saliva and not with water.

Mistress Natasha was specific in how she wanted her things handled. She chose to use her spit fetish to teach her slave how she wanted things done. The mistress instructed him how to swallow her saliva and she made it as disgusting as possible. That helped because that was harder than what she wanted him to do and he now knew what she was capable of in case he did not do things her way.

Princess Morgana was fed up with her boyfriend. He never listened to her and she was angry about it. He had to change and he had gotten on her last nerve. The princess chose to give him a taste of her saliva as humiliation. She tied him up and she spat into his mouth and she forced him to swallow it. She did not need to ask him to listen to her again.

Lady Betty and her sister lady Bertie are cruel girls. They love torturing other people and making sure that they are as humiliated and they fear them as a result. This guy did not fear them and they had to do extra to get him to fear them. The mistresses made him lie down and they filled his face with saliva which he was forced to lick and some of which was smeared on his face using their sneakers.

Goddess Lena took her slave to her secret cave where she punishes guys whenever they have done something outrageous. She was accompanied by her friend mistress Luciana. The two of them rained hard slaps on the tied slave and they also spat on him. He cried but no one could hear him from the cave. All the noise that was there was an echo that could only be heard inside the cave.

Lady Amy caught her slave taking photos of her while she was dressing up. She was so angry at him that she took him to her toilet and she punished him there. She made him insert his head in the toilet water and she also forced him to open his mouth and she spat into it. The mistress degraded him and he regretted his decision to take her photos while she was naked.

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