Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Mistress Rayana loves to spit and she does it any chance she gets. She was spitting on this loser to humiliate him on what he had done. She had found out he had stolen some of her antiques and gone to sell them for a lot of money. She wanted her antiques back and did not care what she had sold them for. She forced him to do it by spiting on him and degrading him.

This mistress did not want to spit directly into her slave's mouth. She wanted him to lick spit which had some dirt on it. So she spat on the sole of her shoes and she made him lick the sole that had both dirt as well as spit. She humiliated her slave with the spit and loved it as she watched him drink her spit and lick it as well.

Madame Marissa wanted to show disgust at what her slave had done. So she sat down and thought about the best way to do it. After much thought, she decided to go with spit fetish. She made her slave open his mouth as she sat on him and she slowly spat into his mouth and told him to act like it was ice cream in his mouth and swallow it.

This mistress produces a lot of saliva. And she does not like it going to waste. That is why she likes to use it to feed her slave. She makes him drink her saliva and swallow it. She does not care how many times he drinks it in a day. As long as she wants it drank, he will drink it and that is not open something that is open for debate.

This mistress had an early morning appointment and she missed it because her slave had not woken her up in time. She was pissed as to why he did not wake her up and she punished him for it. She spat on him in disgust and she made him lick her spit and swallow it. She also sat on him and crushed him with her ass before she let him go.

Lady Betty had followed this guy for some time and realized what he was planning was not good. She had to stop him in his tracks and she did just that. For starters, she asked him what he was planning pretending not to know. When he did not tell her, she told him a few of what she knew and followed it by spitting on his face and torturing him with her cigarette before he told her what he was planning.

Besides spitting, this mistress wanted the slave to feel pain. She had humiliated and degraded him by spitting on his face and making sure his face was full of her saliva. But she also wanted him to feel pain and she achieved this by turning her slave into a human ashtray. She even extinguished her cigarette on his body and enjoyed how he cried in pain and begged for her to stop.

In punishing this slave, madame Marissa thought about one of the things she could not stand and she did it to her slave. She could never stand someone else's saliva and that is what she used to punish this slave. She spat on his face and covered his face with her spit. She ensured he licked the spit and some of it ended up in his mouth for him to swallow.

This mistress wanted to punish her niece. She knew she could not lay a hand on her so she had to look for a different way to punish her. She found it on her favorite toy. She knew her niece loved her doll so she took the doll and spat on it as her niece watched and begged her unsuccessfully not to do it. She told her if she did not become a good girl, she would do that to all her toys.

This mistress wanted to try spit fetish but she knew there was no way anyone would agree to lick and swallow her spit just like that. So she decided to use her sex appeal. Being a sexy mistress made it a lot easier as all she did was flirt with this guy and then turn him on and once he was hooked, make him believe it turned her on and it was kinky for him to lick and swallow her spit.

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