Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

This guy was hitting on lady Gold but she could immediately tell that he was not her type and she did not want to waste his time and she did not want him to waste any of her time. So she did him a favor by using her spit to scare him. She came across as a crazy girl as she asked him to lick her saliva and that is how she got him to stop hitting on her.

This mistress was interested in punishing and changing her unruly slave and she felt that the best way to do it was to use her spit. She did not want to use pain unless it was absolutely necessary and she felt it was not since it was her first time punishing him. The mistress enjoyed how humiliating it was to the slave and she could tell from the look on his face.

Lady Rockabella loves to try out different things and today was her turn to try out spit femdom. So she looked for a loser in her neighborhood and she used her saliva to dominate him but after she had teased him with her hot body and made him think that she was interested in having fun with him when in fact all she wanted was to torture and degrade him, which she did.

Goddess Yasemin felt bad that this guy was not sensitive to her plight. So she cut her losses and she dominated him for her own fun. She did it as a way to entertain herself despite what she was going through. So she used her saliva to do it and he had to lick the soles of her sneakers as well as the saliva that was on it. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Lena was not interested in this guy so she used her saliva to communicate that to him. She knew he was interested in her and she invited him to her house where she turned him into a spit licker. He had no choice but to lick her saliva and also lick her bare feet including sucking her toes. He learned a lesson he had never been taught before in his life.

Mistress Enola does not like to be ignored or taken for granted and that is what she felt her boyfriend did to her. She had to teach him a lesson and that she did to him. The mistress turned to her spit fetish to teach him a lesson. She trampled his face and she also gagged him with her bare feet before she made him swallow her saliva. She knew he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Anfisa wanted to dominate this guy and so she did it with her spit. The mistress was not happy with the way he had messed up a task she had given him. And for that, he had to pay for it. He was punished as she spat on him and she taught him never to mess up any task or assignment she gave him. He was scare and humiliated but he had gotten the message.

Mistress Lana and mistress Joanne ganged up on this loser and they tortured him on a great deal. The two mistresses stripped him naked before they used their whips on him. He was also facesat on before the mistresses spat on his face and asked him to lick the saliva. He was not in control of anything and he had to obey all the orders he was given by the mistresses.

Princess Amber loves to degrade losers for her own fun and today she did it with her saliva. This loser had not done anything to piss her off but she looked for a scapegoat which she used to dominate and to degrade him. He was made to lick her saliva from her soles and do other degrading things. He was scared of what she would do next so he cooperated.

This mistress found out this guy was lying to her and she did not like it. She wanted to put an end to such nonsense from him so she used her hypodermic needle to make him scared enough to tell her the truth and also to never lie to her. She told him that she would inject her spit into different parts of his body including in his dick if he was messing around with her.

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