Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Lady Amy did not like what he had seen from this loser. She wanted things to be different but they were not. She had tried her best to be patient but she did not succeed in changing her slave. So she punished him to achieve her objective. She used her saliva to degrade him. He had to swallow and lick her saliva. She wanted to start with a non-painful punishment and if it did not work, gradually go to a more painful one.

Lady Dalin and her friend lady Ronja found out that these guys had been stealing from them. They had employed them to take care of their house but they were stealing from them on top of what they did for them. The mistresses had to make them return what they had stolen and make sure they would not do it again. They were, therefore, forced to drink their saliva and degraded cruelly until they did.

Madame Marissa had never tried spit fetish before and she was eager to try it today. She did it by turning her slave into a spit slave. She enjoyed dominating him and forcing him to lick and swallow it. She used a funnel to spit on him because she did not want to look at the inside of his mouth directly. The funnel enabled her to avoid looking at his mouth and to spit into it.

Mistress Victoria wanted her slave to swallow her saliva. She asked him to do it but he was not able to. She had to go and buy a gadget to make him do it. She used the gadget to spread his mouth so that he would not be able to close it. And she had an easy time spitting into it. She also tied him up to avoid any resistance.

Lady Stefanie is not quick to punish a slave. She leaves plenty of room for change. But that did not work for this loser. She had to punish him because he had failed to self-correct. She dominated him using her saliva and she made him cry as he had to lick and swallow her saliva. She also made him smear her saliva on his face and he became nauseous but she did not care.

Princess MihMih did not like how lazy her girlfriend was. She sat in the house all day and waited for her to bring everything. She chose to teach her a lesson and she did it by making her clean the car using his tongue and her saliva. She would spit on the windshield and have her lick it clean. She then did the same to the tires until it was clean to her satisfaction.

Goddess Nika knew she had found a way to dominate this loser when she noticed he had disgust for spit. She used it to dominate him as she drooled on him and she made him lick her spit. She spat on him and he felt like dying. He tried to run away but she chained him to his chair and she filled his face with spit. It was the worst thing anyone had ever done to him.

Lady Shay was not going to forgive her slave for messing up. She had forgiven him enough times and she felt like he was taking advantage of her. She chose to give him a taste of what he will be getting if he continued messing up. She spat on a glass table and she smeared it with her feet. She then asked him to lick her feet as well as the table.

Princess Morgana was not going to let this guy get away with what he had done. She was angry at him and to punish him, she spat into his mouth. She had made him kneel down and she had tied his hands behind his back. She warned him of dire consequences if he did not obey what she had told him. He obeyed her out of fear of what she would do to him.

Mistress Jane has a thing for spit. She knows how disgusting it is and that is why she loves to use it to humiliate guys for her own fun. She took her high heel and she spat on the dirty sole. She then forced this loser to lick both the sole and the saliva. He had no choice but to do it. It was degrading and the mistress had fun watching him do it.

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