Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

Goddess Nika knew she had found a way to dominate this loser when she noticed he had disgust for spit. She used it to dominate him as she drooled on him and she made him lick her spit. She spat on him and he felt like dying. He tried to run away but she chained him to his chair and she filled his face with spit. It was the worst thing anyone had ever done to him.

Lady Shay was not going to forgive her slave for messing up. She had forgiven him enough times and she felt like he was taking advantage of her. She chose to give him a taste of what he will be getting if he continued messing up. She spat on a glass table and she smeared it with her feet. She then asked him to lick her feet as well as the table.

Princess Morgana was not going to let this guy get away with what he had done. She was angry at him and to punish him, she spat into his mouth. She had made him kneel down and she had tied his hands behind his back. She warned him of dire consequences if he did not obey what she had told him. He obeyed her out of fear of what she would do to him.

Mistress Jane has a thing for spit. She knows how disgusting it is and that is why she loves to use it to humiliate guys for her own fun. She took her high heel and she spat on the dirty sole. She then forced this loser to lick both the sole and the saliva. He had no choice but to do it. It was degrading and the mistress had fun watching him do it.

Lady Betty and her friend lady Bertie run a business together. They work hard at it and want to see it succeed. But this employee was not working hard. He was paid for not doing anything and that had to stop. They gave him a piece of their mind by spitting into his mouth and on his face while they smoked. He was also used as a human ashtray and taught a lesson.

Mistress Tiffany and her friends had never tried spit fetish before. Since they had time on their hands, they chose to try it. They did not like it as much because they did not have anyone to humiliate. And it was a bit disgusting spitting into one small bowl. So the mistresses agreed to get a loser to humiliate. They agreed to make him lick their saliva and make him smear his face with it.

Mistress Venus could not hide her disgust at this guy. She was not going to let him get away with snitching on her. She wanted to send him a message that would serve him for the rest of his life so she tied him up and she spat on his face. She ordered him to open his mouth and she spat into it as well. She told him if he ever did it again, she would cut his dick off.

Mistress Gaia loves to humiliate guys. She likes to set them up for failure so that she can get a reason to humiliate them. She did that to this loser and once he failed to do what they had agreed, she spat on him. She told him if he did not swallow her saliva, she would be forced to crush his balls and the fear made him swallow her spit.

Princess Jasmin loves chocolate. She looked forward to her chocolate when she got home but she was shocked to find out that her slave had eaten some of her chocolate. She could not let the slave get away with it. So she forced him to buy a new box for her. She also punished him for not asking for permission. She did this by spitting into his mouth and making him swallow her saliva.

Mistress Jessy wanted this loser to learn his lesson. He had not faced the consequences of his actions at all and she wanted to make sure he did starting today. So she used her spit fetish to teach him a lesson. She used a spider gag to open his mouth and she spat into it. He could not help but swallow her saliva and she laughed at how disgusted he was. She warned him that it was a start.

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