Spitting Goddess

Goddesses spitting all over their worthless slaves

This mistress was enjoying herself outdoors. She loves nature and enjoys her peace and quiet. But her peace and quiet was short lived as this guy came to disturb her. He thought she was lonely and wanted some company. She tried to politely tell him off but he did not leave her alone. She got angry and she spat on him and forced him to swallow it as punishment. That is when he realized she was serious and he left.

Lady Betty did not like how this girl tried to flirt with her boyfriend. She wanted to send him a message so she pretended she wanted to talk to her in private away from the other people. When they were alone, she forced her to swallow her spit and humiliated her cruelly. Lady Betty told her that if he did not stop, she would do something even worse to her.

Madame Marissa was in the kitchen inspecting the kind of work that her slave had done. She did not like how he had cleaned the kitchen and being where her food is prepared, she wanted better from him. To make sure he would do the right thing, she gave him an incentive. She spat on her boots and she made him lick the boots clean. He did it as he had no option.

This mistress loves to humiliate losers. She was surprised that her slave played with toys. So she took his toys and she spat on them. She then called her slave and she had him lick the spat on toys. The slave was surprised but he had no choice as to what he could and could not do. So he did all she wanted while she laughed at him and humiliated him.

Lady Kara was not amused by what her slave had done. She had to punish him and she did not waste any time doing it. She was not happy with him and she expressed it the way he feared. She spat on him and she choked him. She humiliated him cruelly and by the time she was done with him, she was sure he would never mess with her again.

This mistress wanted to make sure that her slave did not repeat the mistake he had made. She did not want to forgive him as he would assume that there were no consequences for his actions. Instead, she made him lie down and she used her high heels to trample him and teach him a lesson. When he opened his mouth in pain, she spat into it and she made him swallow the saliva.

Madame Svea caught this slave doing what she had warned her against. She was pissed and to teach him a lesson, she made him lick her spit. She forced him to swallow all of it. He had no choice and had to endure the degradation and the humiliation of being made to lick someone else's saliva. He learned his lesson and he never wronged her again as he feared what she would do.

This mistress could not believe that her slave was the one who was selling her secrets. When she found out, she was so pissed and her slave knew the day he dreaded had finally arrived. She tortured him by trampling him cruelly. She did not care how loud or bitterly he cried. She did not care how much he begged for mercy. She had to teach him a lesson and she did so.

Mistress Julie was pissed off by this loser and she wanted to teach him a lesson. She did not want to use pain so she resolved to use her spit fetish. She did it while smoking. She forced him to lie down and she trampled him. She then had him open his mouth and she spat into it. She also spat on his face and humiliated him cruelly before letting him go.

Mistress Mia Candy likes to test guys. She has fun seeing all kinds of stuff that guys can do just to please her. Today she wanted to push it so she made a guy drink her saliva. She told him it turned her on and he wanted to turn her on and fuck her so he drank it all and pretended to enjoy it. But it did not turn her on. She just laughed at him.

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